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2011深圳国际珠宝展、珠宝节... 2010-9-15
深圳国际珠宝展荣获30年会展... 2010-9-10
“韵东方 点亮都市之光”珠宝展... 2010-9-15
宝亨达铂金文化设计大赛圆满成功 2010-9-15
星光达与国际铂金协会... 2010-9-18
TTF东方华美珠宝之夜盛大上演 2010-9-16
“中国K金第一家”甘露珠宝落户深圳 2010-9-15
西部国际珠宝城全球推介盛典圆满落幕 2010-9-20
“中国K金第一家”甘露珠宝落户深圳 2010-9-15
西部国际珠宝城全球推介盛典圆满落幕 2010-9-20
“中国K金第一家”甘露珠宝落户深圳 2010-9-15
西部国际珠宝城全球推介盛典圆满落幕 2010-9-20
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Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair known as the Chinese mainland's largest, highest grade up to buyer groups, the most influential, the process of internationalization of the highest professional jewelry trade show. Shenzhen jewelry industry is one of the six advantages of traditional industries, the products accounted for more than 70 percent of market share, brought together all kinds of jewelry business about 2300, about 700 manufacturing and processing enterprises, processing over 80 billion yuan worth of yuan (about $ 12.5 billion), employing about 200 000, leading in a pivotal position in the country, is a veritable "Chinese jewelery". Shenzhen International Jewellery Show, full of cooperation opportunities for the warm invitation, is a grand gathering of old and new friends and celebrities, the elite of the jewelry industry at home and abroad, is the declaration of the Chinese jewelry brand jewelry information, culture, commerce trading platform is a barometer of the jewelry trends, the vane of China's jewelry industry.

By then, the first-class exhibits, the first-class decorative, first-class service, awaits you!
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